Thursday, January 12, 2006

hitting the bag today

Runnin’ wild, I never smiled as a juvenile
even now I keep a frown when I come around
don’t ask me about the past, it was all bad
shots blasted, will I last in the wrong path
in the dark is where my heart saw the most grief
mothafuckers are gettin’ shanked over gold teeth
am I sick, cause I’m addicted to gettin’ splifted
watch the stupid ass tricks get lifted
nothin’s changed, cause in the game it’s a steady aim
fuck friends, cause when in danger those niggas change
puff weed and stuff G’s in my sock G
call Ki’s and Hennessy where the glock be
times passin’ will I last here another day
I put my gun away, and grab my A-K
it’s getten hectic
I can’t call it
house full of alcoholics
now a nigga’s under pressure.
2Pac, “Under Pressure,” Thug Life

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